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Jiangsu Minco Precision Rubber & Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2011, is a professional for the automotive and food industry, data storage and removable storage, medical and electronics industry and other fields, to provide customers with tailor-made rubber original accessories development and manufacturing company .

Minco in sophisticated, complex, small, parts stamping and other areas have their own unique processes, can be metal, plastic and other materials and rubber fabric composite processing together, produce special rubber original accessories.

We are guided by constantly seeking to innovate and go beyond the spirit, from product design to delivery, we have adopted advanced quality management system to ensure traceability of products, to provide customers with products and services exceed customer requirements.

Minco's growth process, but also the employees and suppliers to grow together process. We have the spirit of training, improvement, innovative ideas, so that employees can grow together and Minco.

Jiangsu Minco Precision Rubber & Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd. is to become a domestic and rubber products Accessories preferred supplier.

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